Slip Reel Strong spring action keeps your boat centered in your slip 24/7 automatically





If your boat is docked in a slip with four, more or less pilings, by and large, the problem has always been controlling your boat from piling contact and subsequent damage. Now, no more adjusting lines for tide changes, wind or wakes from other passing boats. As a result of this age old problem, General Marine Products has come up with a patented effective solution, it is called the Slip-Reel. A piling mounted line reel which applies constant line tension, maintaining your boat within the center of your slip.

The Slip-Reel is easy to operate. For example, just attach two fixed length lines bow and stern to one side to your boat long enough to center your boat, the Slip-Reel lines on the other side. When returning the procedure is reversed (see sketch below main photo). Then, as they say, “forget about it”, it works for you 24-7. Your boat is maintained in the center of your slip, safe from piling contact or possible expensive damage. Furthermore, if greater tension is needed just pull out more line and attach it to your boat cleats. No more fenders that never seem to be in the right place or lines everywhere.

In addition, the Slip-Reel is easy to install on pilings, sea walls or decks. In the field, the Slip-Reel has been working effortlessly for many boats for many years.

Keeping your boat safe from piling damage automatically 24-7.

Furthermore,  all the parts are aluminum or stainless steel with a weatherproof protected cover. The Slip-Reel will accommodate both small and large boats up to 50′. General Marine Products has a low introductory price plus free shipping and a 14-day money back guarantee.

Please call customer service for help with your particular application or product questions at toll-free (855) 902-BOAT(2628) or locally (954) 298-4890. Local pickup is also available in Southern Florida.

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