Rope Ladder 6 solid fiberglass 1″ X 12″ non-skid steps


Rope ladder strong 2,000lb test 6′ long  





A boat rope ladder is essential on any personal watercraft. Your boating experience will be more enjoyable if you have a boat ladder. You will be easily able to access the water from your boat. Using our convenient boat ladder will add more fun and safety to your on the water activities. Safety is a major concern while enjoying your water experience. Quick access to and from your boat, when confronted with a safety issue is vitally important. Therefore, having a secure dependable ladder for entering or leaving your boat should be on your safety equipment list. In addition, for people who find it physically difficult to enter the water or return to the boat, a dependable ladder may be the answer. First and foremost, our six-foot long boat rope ladder is strong and sturdy using a 2,000lb. test nylon three-stranded rope. Six 3/4"x 12" round solid fiberglass rod with an added non-skid surface make up the steps. Moreover, our boat rope ladder attachments easily to any secure location. Such as toe rails, stanchions or cleats.  Extra length of  ladder line is provided to make a secure attachment to any deck equipment. Therefore, this versatile ladder may be attached either at the bow, stern or amidships. Includes a waterproof storage bag and storage strap. In addition, Docking Products manufactures this ladder in the United States using strong and sturdy parts ensuring years of enjoyable use.  It stores easily in any handy compartment when rolled into a small bundle.  Our customer service department will quote shipping rates for shipping mooring whips and other products internationally or to distant states. If you have any questions about any of our products or a particular application, please call our customer service helpline at 941-408-4373Local pickup is also available in Venice Florida.


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Product Information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in