Fixed Position Mooring Whip Piling Mounted


This fixed pole model mooring whip is piling mounted. With all our models one size fits all, they are made strong to accommodate boats up to 40 feet. This model may be mounted on pilings with an approximate alignment with your dockside boat cleats one for the bow and one for the stern. Piling mounting provides the strongest connection to your dock since the pilings are the major structural member of your dock. Also included is a set of solid fiberglass poles 14 feet long (7’ sections) and 3 strand Nylon looped line with easy do it yourself instructions.


We have made a major change in our mooring whips we now use a solid 1″ x 14′ (7’ sections) fiberglass pole. No taper or reduced size as other producers.



FIXED POSITION PILING MOUNTED What makes our fixed position mooring whips superior is its simplicity in design. Strong and sturdily made from solid aluminum structural extrusions. We guarantee many years of service due to perfect welds and baked-on powder coating. Because this model mooring whip is piling mounted they make a more sturdy connection since the piling is the strongest structure on your dock. This model also mounts higher for easy adjusting of the line. Our mooring whips are designed for boats both small and large up to 40 feet, we make a product that one size fits all. Extensive damage can be caused if your boat collides with your dock. This damage can be caused by wind, tide changes and wakes from other boats. By keeping your boat a safe distance from your dock our mooring whip system prevents such costly damage. The spring action of our solid fiberglass poles constantly pulls your boat a safe distance from your dock. With all our models you receive a set of solid 1" fiberglass 14-foot poles (2-7ft poles) with stainless steel pulleys, a pair of polyester double braided 1,500lb test looped  lines and detailed do-it-yourself instructions.

[box border="full"] No need to pay more because you have a larger boat or pay less for an inferior product.[/box]

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Product Information

Weight 8 oz

Dock Mounting, Piling Mounting


The Fixed Mooring Whip Supports are shipped separately from the poles. Included are two lengths (33') of triple braided 1/4" nylon line with looped ends. Also a complete set of installation and operating instructions with a diagram. Most installation requires less than an hour. We recommend the following tools: A half inch power drill, drill bits 3/8" to 7/16", a ratchet wrench with a 3/4" socket, and a level to confirm the support is vertical. The poles are shipped in a corrugated wrapping two sections of 7' each.


The poles are shipped in a corrugated wrapping two sections of  7' each. weight is 15lbs. We ship within 2-3 days from receiving orders by FedEx ground, an email is sent containing the tracking numbers on the shipping day.

Mounting Type

Piling Mounting, Deck Mounting