Mooring Whip Piling Mounted Swivels To A Vertical Position



This model from General Marine Products called The Swivel Mooring Whip is piling mounted and can be used for both large and small boats up to 40 feet. It is the strongest built base on the market and it swivels to a vertical position locking in place eliminating contact with any part of your boat and the poles when leaving or returning from your dock. When lowered and used as a mooring whip it will keep your boat a safe distance from your dock eliminating possible expensive boat damage due to wind, wakes from other boats or tide changes. The piling mounted feature is unique, securing to the strongest member of the dock and higher relative to your boat. Yes it can be better and cheaper, compare to other mooring whips that do not offer these unique features.



We have made a major change in our mooring whips we now use a solid 1″ x 14′ fiberglass pole. No taper or reduced size as other producers.



Our Swivel Mooring Whips are designed for boats both small and large up to 40 feet. Colliding with your dock caused by wind, tide changes, and wakes from passing boats can cause costly damage. Our mooring whip system prevents such damage. The spring action of our solid fiberglass poles constantly pulls your boat away from your dock. By lowering the fiberglass poles, attaching the lines to your boat, then adjusting the tension, will constantly and gently positions your boat a safe distance from your dock.

With these whips, you can eliminate costly fenders, bumpers, and extra lines. Exclusively, our piling mounted whips swivel vertically and lock in position. When leaving or returning to your dock the vertical poles eliminate interference with antennas, bimini tops, out-riggers, and deck rigging.

This whip is also great for sailboats! The only one that goes completely vertical and locks in place. All those fenders, lines, bumpers gone.

Our mooring whips are engineered for maximum strength made from marine aluminum structural shapes and all stainless steel or weatherproof parts. Professionally welded then powder coated for years of outdoor service.
With all our models you receive a set 14 foot solid 1″ fiberglass poles with stainless steel swivel line pulleys. They are shipped in two sections for easy assembly with a solid 6″ aluminum coupling.
These poles are designed for maximum spring force while keeping your boat safe three to four feet from your dock. Also included is a set of braided 2,000 lb test nylon line and base mounted plastic cleats.
Detailed do it yourself instructions are included for a quick and easy installation. We make a product that one size fits all, strong and sturdy with a 14-day money-back guarantee, all at a low price. Yes it can be better and cheaper. No need to pay more because you have a larger boat or pay less for an inferior product.
Please call customer service for help with your application questions toll-free: (855) 902-BOAT(2628) or locally: (954) 298-4890. Local pickup is also available in Southern Fl.   FREE SHIPPING

Compare the cost for your size boat and you will find we have the most cost-effective mooring whips on the market!

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 94 × 3 × 3 in
General Marine Products

Free shipping, Weather resistant, Moeny back Guarantee, Great customer service


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