Choosing the Best Mooring Whip for Your Boat Size

When searching for mooring whips many people frequently ask “what size whip do I need for my boat it weighs 10,000 pounds”. This question is not an original customer question. I suspect this question originates from industry advertising, selling various sized mooring whips based on boat weight.

Size matters when it comes to docking products…
True, small water craft do not need more robust equipment, but the fact is the location of the boat is the major factor as to whether a specific mooring whip will work for a specific boat. The wind and current are the major forces acting against the resistance and spring action of the poles, keeping your boat from hitting the dock. If there is wind and or current the size of your boat will be a major factor.

Conversely, a well-protected large boat at a dock will produce little resistance to your mooring whips and a small boat with high winds or a strong current may overcome the resistance of most mooring whips. In fact, most mooring whips use a 1” pole the resistance is almost always the same, the strength of the base can be a factor in deciding which mooring whip you may want to purchase. Also the length of the pole does not add any strength to the pole itself.

You just need enough length for a proper pole bow keeping your boat 3-4’ from the dock. Since the mooring whip line is attached to your boat cleats that are dockside, it doesn’t matter how wide you boat is. When making a purchase personal contact is comforting and reassuring that’s what we provide.