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Docking Products dock supplies and boating accessories will protect or enhance your boating experience. We produce and provide quality products covering a wide variety of applications for your particular boating needs. As an example, our mooring whip line contains four models to choose from, offering a wide variety of application alternatives. You can choose from either piling mounted or deck mounted. Docking Products is the only company that produces a Patented swivel mooring whip. The piling mounted swivel mooring whip is a strong and secure connection to your dock. The piling mounted mooring whip is also easy to reach for adjustment while protecting your boat 24-7. This unique design is just one of the features incorporated in all of our docking and boating accessories. We pay particular attention to detail which affects the quality of our products and ensures a long useful life.

Most of our design changes or upgrades come from our customers and their expressed needs. Our policy is to keep an ongoing dialogue and communication with our customers. We do this so we can continue to improve and create new products as well as tweaking what we already produce. As manufacturers and distributors. We are also dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.

We can be reached (live) during extended hours seven days a week to answer questions about our products, advice on application or installation. A money back no questions asked return policy is provided for all our products.

CAUTION!!! Do not be fooled by other mooring whip manufacturers that suggest the size of your boat determines the cost of the whips. All 1″ solid fiberglass poles are the same. In fact the longer the poles the less spring resistance. Our bases and standard 14′ pole are designed for maximum strength and resistance. Beam also does not matter, lines are attached to the dockside of your boat. What really matters is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The wind and current are the major factors, call us to discuss what really matters in deciding which whip to choose. Our one size fits all saves you money and protects boats up to 40′.

SHIPPING IS FREE for most of our products within North America. We generally ship within a few days after receiving your order. International shipping is available and quoted by location. Rush orders can be expedited and quoted as needed. As the manufacturer of many of our products, we offer low prices for superior products. For questions or comments please call ‭+1 (941) 303-2035‬