Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can I track my Mooring Whips?
A – When your Mooring Whips are shipped an email message is sent from our shipper containing the tracking number.

Q –Does hardware come with my Mooring Whips?
A – Mounting hardware is not supplied for Mooring Whip installation. Our mooring whips can be mounted to many different surfaces and structures, it would be difficult to provide hardware for all these applications.

Q –Do installation instructions come with my Mooring Whips?
A – Yes all our mooring whip products come with detailed installation instructions and customer service is also available by phone. Customer Service ‭+1 (941) 408-4373

Q –Can I use your Mooring Whips even if I do not have pilings? Such as a seawall or floating dock?
A – Yes, for docks without pilings we offer all our Mooring Whips with four hole footings; see Deck Mounted Mooring Whips.

Q –Will your Mooring Whips protect my boat in any weather conditions?
A – Our Mooring Whips will not protect your boat under extreme weather conditions. We advise other means of protection bases on the predicted weather conditions. If the resistant limits are exceeded the fiberglass poles will fracture. If this occurs it may not be covered by our warranty. Caution is advised not to exceed limits.

Q –Who would I hire to install your Mooring Whips?
A – Any mechanic with a drill and wrench can install our Mooring Whips in usually less than an hour.

Q –Is there a limit on the size of boat your Mooring Whips will protect?
A – Our Mooring Whips are made Strong and Sturdy one size fits all boats. Our Mooring Whips have been used on boats up to 40’ in length. The conditions where the boat is docked such as exposure to high winds or close to fast moving boats. This could be a major facture. We can custom modify our product for such conditions. Please call our Customer Service Department if it is a concern. 

Q –When piling mounting your Mooring Whips, do my boat cleats have to line up exactly with the whip supports?
A – No, the fiberglass poles are flexible and will bend from side to side. They behave similar to a fishing rod. We suggest piling mounted mooring whips if pilings are not available we also produce deck mounted mooring whips.

Q –I have concrete pilings, how do I mount the mooring whips?
A – There is a variety of concrete anchors available that will work when mounting our mooring whips.