How Do Mooring Whips Work

How Do Mooring Whips Work

How Do Mooring Whips Work?

How Do Mooring Whips Work?Mooring whips are mechanically fastened at one end to the dock while the opposite end is connected to a cleat on the boat via a dock line. When a boat whip is tied to the boat cleat it causes the fiberglass pole to bend, and will keep separation between the two. Dock whips are often used in conjunction with bumpers, fenders, and marine grade lines to ensure the safety of the boat.

Mooring Whips are a unique and proven way to prevent damage to your boat and dock. With Mooring Whips, your boat simply can’t hit the dock. Mooring Whips give you moor protection for your boat and make docking and mooring easy, convenient and safe.

The specially designed, heavy duty, solid fiberglass rods, mounted in super strong ALMAG 35 aluminum bases, pull your boat away from the dock by applying continuous variable pressure between your boat and dock, while spring lines keep your boat from moving out of position.

When it comes to your hard-earned investment, why sacrifice quality or safety?

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