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Mooring Whips by Docking Products

Many Docking Products, including mooring whips and boating accessories are manufactured in the U.S. We design and manufacture products that have unique and useful features, with greater value to our customers. The staff at our Miami, FL mooring whip manufacturing facility spends many hours creating and experimenting on products that will work better to serve you. Because we produce our own products we eliminate the “middle man” saving you money.

Our team of engineers and designers are constantly looking for ways to improve the way a product works and opportunities to make our products better. We employ genuine ingenuity to create the products that our consumers want and need. In addition, the parts and materials we use are of the best quality, we have faith in our products and their durability and long life.

Our mooring whip line as an example, has been improved over the original concept. We have incorporated unique and useful features, built with strong components guaranteeing many years of service.

Through simple design, we have also managed to lower the cost. Compare, you will find we have the most cost-effective mooring whips on the market. Furthermore, for many of our products we offer FREE SHIPPING.

In addition to great products, we provide the best customer service. We are available by phone every business day with someone who can answer technical questions about our products and boating in general.

Before you decide on a mooring whip purchase you may regret, call us, so we can discuss your particular application and suggest the right products for your needs. Call ‭+1 (941) 303-2035‬

Guide to Mooring Whips and Boat Retention Products

Mooring whips are flexible fiberglass poles used to secure a boat to a dock in order to avoid damage to the boat or dock. Also referred to as boat whips or dock whips, they were primarily developed to offset the effect of changing tides, boat wakes, and wind created waves. Mooring whips use tension to keep the boat at a safe distance from the dock and their flexibility permits some movement of the boat due to tidal changes. Boat whips have a variety of uses in the docking industry, but are typically used for smaller boats. Mooring whips were a huge advancement for boat docking systems and these boat whips have been a permanent fixture in the boat docking industry for over fifty years.

Mooring whips have been in use for over fifty years and are most effective for smaller boats and in relatively calm waters. Boat whips are usually made from fiberglass, which allows them to flex when needed. Mooring whips are mechanically connected at one end to the dock while the opposite end is connected to a cleat on the boat via a dock line. When a boat whip is tied to the boat cleat it causes the fiberglass pole to bend, and will keep separation between the two. Dock whips are often used in conjunction with bumpers, fenders, and marine grade lines to ensure the safety of the boat.