After Market Mooring Whip Poles

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Aftermarket Mooring Whip Poles Sold in a set of two Replace your old worn-out poles with our heavy-duty poles. We offer industry leading UV protection with our exclusive bi-directional vail for added strength and protection. Our poles are manufactured to our specifications in the USA! Like marine antennas, mooring whip poles are subject to exposure to elements such as UV, salt spray, and impacts. Eventually the sun will oxidize the exposed surface layer of the pole causing a process call blooming. Evidence of blooming is when you handle a pole or antenna, and a white powder is imparted on your hand. Eventually, the outer protect layer of epoxy resin will breakdown exposing the fiber glass reinforcement. This causes diminished tensile strength in you whip unit and can cause painful splinters in your hand. Features:
  • Fits most manufacturers bases
  • 1” (25.4 mm) outside diameter
  • Available in three standard lengths
  • Industry leading UV protection and strength
  • Stainless steel Pulley, hardware and ¼” double braid(domestic) Polyester rope included
Fiberglass Poles
Property (Units) ASTM (Other) Poles
E-Glass % N/A 35-55%
Specific gravity (gm/cc) D792 1.8 – 2.0
Flexural Strength (ksi) D 790 20 - >30
Flexural Modulus (Mpsi) D 790 1 - 3
Tensile Strength (kpsi) D638 20 - >30
Tensile Modulus (Mpsi) D3916/D638 1 - 3
Barcol Hardness D 2583 38 - 50
Double Braid Rope
Tensile Strength D4268 2,400
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