Mooring Whips for Jet Skis

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Jet Ski mooring whips are now available from Docking Products. The same strong and sturdy construction that you will find in all our products is incorporated to protect your jet ski from dock damage due to wind, wakes from other boats, and tide changes. the pole supports come in two designs a fixed position where the poles extend out on a 43-degree angle, one for the bow and one for the stern. The other is our exclusive pivot model which rotates to a vertical pole position and locks in place removing the pole and line from interfering with your boat as you come and go from your dock. Both are constructed from 1/4" thick marine-grade aluminum expertly welded then powder coated, designed for any weather condition and a lifetime of use. The poles are made from pultruded solid fiberglass 7' by 1" thick for the full length. By far the strongest mooring whip poles made. Some additional features include durable plastic cleats mounted on the base itself allowing adjusting and securing all done safely from your dock. A stainless steel pulley and a nylon wheel is fastened at the end of the poles rotating in any position so the 1/4" polyester double braided 1,500 pound test line with a looped end pulls your boat to a safe distance from your dock. For additional questions pertaining to this or any other of our products please call our customer service line at  941-408-4373.
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